OUR STRATEGY is to provide premium service to every client

The Colorado Department of Real Estate requires all agents to provide certain minimum services to every client.  While I won’t list every one of them here, they don’t really relate to marketing.  Rather those services are more closely related to confidentiality, fiduciary, honesty, reasonable skill and care, among others. I’ll provide the full list as part of our Agency Agreement, or if you prefer I can send you a copy.

The reason that I mention this is that many Real Estate Agents consider the items on that list as sufficient, and advertise themselves as Full-Service Agents. Seriously.

So let me just state that yes, we provide everything on that list as a most basic starting point. Then we add a whole bunch more for every Listing.

We don’t just list your property and hope for a buyer.  The entire marketing and selling process is a project, and is deserving of project management tools.


This is where my many years of experience as a project management professional come into play. Before I entered the real estate profession I managed large-scale computer system projects. This experience lent itself naturally to the execution of residential real estate sales systems.

Additionally, my experience as a pilot made me a firm believer in checklists.  I use checklists in every real estate transaction to make certain that nothing is missed.  After all, a typical real estate transaction can have hundreds of discrete steps that must be completed in the proper sequence.

Did I mention that we will never lock you into a long-term listing contract.  Our listing agreements can be cancelled at any time after the first 30 days as long as someone has not made an offer on your home.

Curious about what your home might be worth?

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The housing market is changing rapidly. Home values have been going up due to increased demand by homebuyers. But the increases have been tempered by the rise in interest rates, so the valuations have become a moving target.  Our affiliation with Homebot can provide you with a monthly update on your home’s approximate valuation as well as other pertinent information updates relating to your home.  It’s free, there is no obligation, and we won’t call you unless you contact us first.It’s always interesting to know what the current market value of your home is, even if you have no intent to sell.

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