How to get your home sold faster and with a larger net profit for you

It takes planning, preparation, and presentation.


Our checklists and systems, developed and refined for over 20 years and from hundreds of home sale transactions, will provide you with the security that you desire.

When you choose eXp Realty, you will benefit from our world-class marketing systems that go far and above the services that are provided by those other brokerages.

If any real estate agent or broker "proudly and boldly" tells you that they are a Full Service Agent, ask them what they mean by "full service". 

There is no standard definition of "full service" anywhere to be found, and I've been selling real estate in 2 states since 2006.

Ask them how many of the following services that they provide to their sellers.  I'll bet that the most they come up with is fewer than 5. 

That's less than half of what my team provides to every seller that we work with.


Choose the Marketing Package that works best for you:

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This, the BASIC plan, is our marketing plan.  But don't let "low cost" fool you.  It includes all required services required by the State of Colorado, plus 11 additional services that most other brokers don't ever include at any price.

Here are our BASIC inclusions, which are far more than the minimum required by the state:

  • Research chain of title and encumbrances
  • Secure electronic lockbox
  • Professional HDR photography
  • Home Warranty coverage while listed
  • Listing published to all major real estate websites
  • Showings by appointment only
  • Full time transaction coordination
  • Expert negotiation
  • Open houses if desired
  • Social media advertising
  • Professionally designed print materials

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Are we a discount brokerage?

NO, we are not.  Our fees are based on the extent of the preparation and the marketing that we agree to provide for you.

We have simply found that some sellers do not need as many services as others.

The vast majority of our sellers are delighted with our BASIC plan.

Our plan includes more seller services than any of the so-called discount brokerages out there.

Not only that, but we also include more standard services than the traditional "big-name" brokerages who try to convince you that their size makes them "full service".


Here is a list of all the homes that we have listed and sold in the past 24 months:

May we add your home to the list?  We get homes sold.  Call us (720) 277-9001

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We also have a track record for land sales as evidenced by these:

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For your best possible outcome your agent must have experience and expertise in:

  • pricing
  • current market conditions
  • preparation
  • staging
  • marketing
  • Colorado real estate contracts
  • market timing
  • negotiation
  • timely communication
  • due diligence
  • project management
  • conflict resolution

If these skills and experience are not present, the agent on the other side (representing the buyer) is winning, and you are at a significant disadvantage, especially during negotiations.


Our team at eXp Realty has expertise in all of these areas.  When you select us as your real estate fiduciary you can be assured that you have real estate experts working for you, and always in your best interests.


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Homebot: An intelligent way to monitor your home's market value

The housing market is changing rapidly. Home values have been going up due to increased demand by homebuyers. But the increases have been tempered by the rise in interest rates, so the valuations have become a moving target.  Our affiliation with Homebot can provide you with a monthly update on your home's approximate valuation as well as other pertinent information updates relating to your home.  It's free, there is no obligation, and we won't call you unless you contact us first.It's always interesting to know what the current market value of your home is, even if you have no intent to sell immediately.

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