South Suburbs (south of Colfax)

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Southern Suburbs:


Looking for the typical suburban Denver home? Sorry, there’s no such thing. We have $20 million estates in Cherry Hills Village, $150,000 fixers in some other places, and everything in between. The best thing we can try to do is pick the half of the metro area in which you might like to live, and then search by price range in that area. Or, if you know which suburb you want, go directly to that suburb to search what’s available.

We’re defining South Suburban as anything south of Colfax Avenue, which is generally considered as the boundary between north and south in Denver (but actually it’s 1500 north).

Some suburbs such as Aurora on the East, and Lakewood and Golden on the West are bisected by Colfax, so they can be found in both the North and South categories.

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