Thinking about a Mortgage?

Unless you are an all cash buyer, you will need a “financial partner” , also known as a MORTGAGE LENDER, to provide the funds you don’t have to purchase your new home. This requires you to convince your new “Partner”, that you have the capability to pay back the funds they will advance you to enable you to purchase your home.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for the perfect starter house, or a seasoned pro trading up to your Custom Mountain dream home, you are probably asking the same questions: Can I afford this? And is this the right move at the right time?

Of course, you can use a mortgage calculator and ask the experts — lenders, agents, and mom — but the reality is that you are the only one who truly knows whether you can afford to buy right now. And, painful as it is, what you need to start with is a detailed income vs expense report. Analyze what you earn and what you spend (without considering the expected new mortgage) — at least get a full month’s snapshot.

You’ll see where you may have wiggle room in your budget and what you can afford for housing.


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