Let’s face it, buying a home is a big deal. For everyone. Every time. Whether you’re a newlywed looking to buy your very first home, a corporate professional relocating your family of five, moving up, or simply moving on, buying a home is exciting. It can also be intimidating, overwhelming and downright scary. Not only are you about to make a significant change in your life…you’re also about to make a huge investment. For many, it’ll be the biggest investment you’ll ever make.

The home buying process, systematized.

Getting to Know You

You’ve probably already visited home-buying websites, and have some pretty good ideas about what you want.  And you most likely have a rough idea about how much you want to pay for that new home.  Now it’s time to bring that information to us so that we can match your dreams and desires with the reality of the current housing markets in the areas that you’ve been considering.

Before we can help you discover your dream home, we need to know about your dreams. So we’ll sit down with you and listen. We’ll ask about your vision. We’ll pay attention to your wants and needs, your likes and dislikes. We’ll discuss the big things like neighborhoods and architectural styles. And the little things like whether you drink coffee at home every morning or prefer to grab a double tall latte on the way to work. Basically, we’ll have a genuine conversation, get to know you, and find out what makes you tick.

Market Education Day

Hop in the car with your eXp Realty agent for a tour of the areas. We’ll show you a bunch of homes that match up with your criteria, your lifestyle and your financial requirements. We’ll look at houses in neighborhoods you already know you like…and we’ll introduce you to some you might not know about. Along the way, we’ll point out the pros and cons of each house we see and give you the inside scoop on every neighborhood. By the end of this educational excursion, you’ll have a good feel for the types of homes that are available in your price range, and we’ll learn even more about you, your personal tastes and housing needs. It’s amazing what a simple drive around the city can accomplish!

We offer this superb, complimentary service with no strings attached. Think of it as our on-the-job interview.

In-Depth Search and Preview

This is where you get to step back and let us earn our keep. Your eXp Realty agent will preview the current inventory of homes that meet your criteria and price range, and will pick out only the best of the bunch for you to tour. We’ll make sure you see all the properties that suit you…and we won’t waste your time with those that don’t.

The Offer

When you fall in love with a home, we’ll prepare an extensive market analysis to help you determine a fair price. Next, we’ll write a detailed contract that includes your offer price, closing date, inclusions, exclusions, and other important details. And then we’ll present your offer.

If your offer is answered with a counter-offer, your agent will talk to you about your options and will re-negotiate to get the deal that’s best for you.

If we’re not comfortable with any aspect of the sale or the property during any phase of the process, we’ll let you know. The bottom line is that we’ve got your back, and we’ll guide you toward a smart housing decision.

Closing the Deal

At this point, you’re under contract and on the brink of owning your new home. All that’s left to do now is . . . inspections, appraisals, more negotiations, the final paperwork, and then the closing details. Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. Your agent will guide you through all the important legal documents and closing events to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

When you choose eXp Realty, we’re with you to the end. Think of it this way: until you have your new house keys in hand, we’ll be holding yours. (Corny, but true).

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