Curious about what your home might be worth to a buyer?

The Cheapest Marketing Is Usually The Most Expensive.

How can that be?  Just put a sign in the yard, post it to Craigslist, and maybe list it on Zillow.  The buyers will come and we don’t have to pay any commission to anyone.  Collect our money and life is good, right?

Let’s examine that in more detail…  What will cause those potential buyers to come to you?  How long will it take for them to find you?   What happens when they find you?   Are they qualified?   What kind of offer will they make?   Who will be handling all the legal aspects?

The Colorado Contract To Buy/Sell Real Estate consists of at least 5 forms and nearly 50 total pages excluding any amendments.   And there can be civil, state, or federal penalties for making mistakes.

So, what will happen if no buyer shows up for a few months?  What is the cost of lost or delayed opportunity?   And what are your holding costs for those few months?

Assuming that a buyer eventually finds you, are they qualified?  Will they get approved for a loan?   What if they can’t get approved? More time elapses. Will you need to start over again?

Another aspect to think about will be the negotiation of price, resolution of inspection objections, resolution of title, insurance, and appraisal issues.

Our team has expertise in all these areas. This is what we do, full-time, for our clients.

Now Let’s Look At Some Of What We Will Do To Market and Sell Your Home, and Net You More Money While Doing So.

We will also address some of the issues listed above.

Prior To Activation On MLS
  • We will conduct a staging consultation to provide recommendations that would enhance the saleability.
  • Based on these recommendations, we will provide you with a list of items to be completed before we can schedule our photographer.
  • On the day of photography a quick market-shine touchup will be scheduled to make certain that all countertops, mirrors, and fixtures are sparkling clean.
  • An experienced professional real estate photographer will be in your home for about an hour taking pictures of every aspect of your home, measuring, and creating a detailed floorplan.
  • We will conduct a video walk-through that will be published to YouTube and posted on social media sites.
  • Our marketing department will create professional property brochures, flyers, and graphical elements that will draw attention to your property.
  • Notify members of our registered list of buyers that your home is ready for sale.
  • Our sign company will install our distinctive eXp Realty “Home For Sale” yard sign.
  • Review showing procedure.
  • Enter listing into the MLS system.
  • We will notify all area Realtors that your home is for sale and we will provide them with photographs and list of features.
  • A secure electronic lockbox will be provided. This lockbox will only permit authorized Realtors to have access to your home for showings, and only at designated times.
  • Syndicate listing to real estate websites.
First Active Weekend
  • Invite brokers and agents to tour home.
  • An Open House will be scheduled and hosted by myself and by other eXp Realty agents.  We will also have a lender representative available to qualify potential buyers.
  • Review and update status.

First Week Following Open House

  • We anticipate that we will have received multiple offers to purchase your home.
  • At this point we will review all offers with you and select a few offers to begin the negotiation process.
Ongoing activities
  • Show property to potential buyers.
  • Follow-up on Internet and Open House leads.
  • Monitor market conditions.
  • Monitor comparable properties for sale (aka your competition)

That’s just a summary. There are a lot more activities that go on behind the scenes. And once you are Under Contract with a buyer, then we have a list of about 28 more items that must be completed to insure that you have a smooth Closing.

Curious about what your home might be worth to a buyer?

The housing market is changing rapidly. Home values have been going up due to increased demand by homebuyers. But the increases have been tempered by the rise in interest rates, so the valuations have become a moving target.  Our affiliation with Homebot can provide you with a monthly update on your home’s approximate valuation as well as other pertinent information updates relating to your home.  It’s free, there is no obligation, and we won’t call you unless you contact us first.It’s always interesting to know what the current market value of your home is, even if you have no intent to sell.

So, is it time to get the answer?

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