Step 6 – Making the Offer

Step 6 – Making the Offer

In Colorado, licensed Real Estate Agents are authorized by the Colorado Real Estate Commission to prepare contracts to purchase real estate if the forms used are approved by the Real Estate Commission.

Once you decide which house you wish to place an offer on, you will have many decisions to make including:

Purchase price you wish to offer
Financing terms. Cash down payment, earnest money deposit, type of loan, interest rate, pre-approval letter
Time period for inspection of property
Time period for appraisal of property by your lender
Time period to review title opinion of property
Contingencies you wish to include – for example, the sale of your current residence
Time period for loan approval
Setting the date and time of closing
Presenting the offer to Sellers
Negotiating and finalizing any terms and conditions which the Sellers may wish to modify from the original offer presented to them through a counter-offer

I will work closely with you in establishing reasonable time frames for each of the preceding items.

Through this entire process of preparing, offering and negotiating the Purchase Offer, we will work closely with you to maintain timely responses and provide market savvy answers to questions as they come up.

My transaction coordinator will be in frequent contact with you so that everything runs smoothly.

Step 7: Due Diligence

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